The School of Vibrant Health is Amber Fischer's collection of courses designed to help with PCOS, hormone balance and fertility. Currently, our only course is Functional PCOS but future projects include Functional Fertility for PCOS, Mind-Body Fertility for PCOS, Navigating Adrenal Dysfunction and more!

Hi, I'm Amber Fischer!

I'm a nutritionist trained in functional nutrition, a type of nutrition that looks at the root cause of health issues and helps to bring about vibrant health by addressing those root issues.

I'm a certified nutrition specialist and a license dietitian nutritionist and I have a master's degree in integrative and functional nutrition.

I'm a member of the Institute for Functional Medicine and currently working through their advanced practitioner training.

I have been working one on one with women with PCOS and infertility issues for several years, all sparked by my own experience of health issues related to my own PCOS.

I am so excited to offer courses that help get to the heart of these issues and give you practical and actionable ways to improve your overall health and hormone balance.

In my spare time you can find me running around after my toddler Calvin, working with my collection of tropical plants, and making podcasts and videos on hormone balance. I'm so glad you're here!